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[Education and Degrees Awarded]

2012-2017 Student at Alfred University

Spring 2017 B.S. in Art History and Theory

Spring 2017 B.F.A. in Studio Art and Design May.

Spring 2015 Exchange student at the Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing.


[Selected Exhibitions]

2010 Solo Exhibition

Hunterdon County Library, Clinton, NJ.

2015 International Students Exhibition

Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China.

2016 Spring 2016 SUNY Student Art Exhibition

SUNY Albany, Albany, NY.

2016 SUNY Student Art Best of Show Exhibition

New York State Museum, Albany, NY.

2016 College Collective 2016

Genesee Center for the Arts & Education, Rochester, NY.

2016 BFA Show

Robert R. Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY.

2017 Art at King Oaks

King Oaks Farm, Newtown, PA.


[Fellowships & Awards]


Fall 2013 Emerging Scholar Award, Alfred University

Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017 Dean’s List, Alfred University

Spring 2014 Peter’s Valley Scholarship, Alfred University

Spring 2016 ARGUS Award

Spring 2016 Encountering Japan Award (Levine Endowment)

Spring 2016 Professional Development Funding for 'Ceramic Research in Japan and South Korea'

Spring 2017 SUNY Visual Arts category finalist for Thayer Fellowship in the Arts/Patricia Kerr Ross Award


[Skills and Experience]


{Studio Assistant}

2009-Present Studio assistant at the Toshiko Takaezu Studio, Quakertown, NJ.

Studio management: raw materials, shop glazes, kiln room, firing of work, management of sales and showroom. Assisting with archiving, packing, transportation, and installation of Toshiko Takaezu's ceramic art. Teaching assistant in workshops as well as with visiting artists and dilettantes. General outdoor labor and property management.


{Teaching Assistant}

Fall 2017 Takaezu Studio Hand-building workshop

Spring 2018 Takaezu Studio Hand-building workshop



Summer 2008 Intern, Film & Video Department. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, NY.

Video transcription, video editing, sound equipment, assistance on film shoots.

Summer 2017 Summer Intern, Ceramic Division Alfred University School of Art and Design, Alfred, NY.

Studio management.


{Community Involvement and Outreach}

Winter-Spring 2018 Operate weekly studio open houses at the Takaezu Studio in Quakertown, NJ.

Conducting tours to the public.

2015-2017 Selected as a representative of the Alfred University student body for multiple events including prospective student visiting weekends, accepted student's weekend, School of Art and Design accreditation committee interview on behalf of Ceramic Division and Art History Division, Scholes and Herrick library review on behalf of School of Art & Design.

2016-2017 Treasurer, Art History Club, Alfred University.

Organization of both international and regional scholarly trips


{Writing Experience}

Grant applications, academic papers, academic presentations.

{Areas of academic research and expertise}

Historic, modern and contemporary Japanese ceramics; Chinese porcelain production; European porcelain; ancient Greek and Roman pottery and glass; modern European and American art; contemporary and modern American ceramics, neuroscience of object recognition and material perception; semiotics; phenomenology.


{Material Experience}:

Clay, ceramic, glazes, plaster, concrete, plastic, epoxy, paper pulp/paper, steel, iron, wood, polyester resins.



Mold-making (plaster, ceramic); Casting (paper, clay); MIG and TIG welding

(steel, iron); painting (oil, watercolor, ink, latex, epoxy, glazes); spraying (glazes, rubber); polishing (ceramic, concrete, glass, polyester resin); glaze chemistry, preparation, and application; throwing, trimming, hand-building, slab-building, carving, and CNC machining (clay, ceramic).


{Kiln Firing Experience}:

Updraft gas, downdraft gas, wood, manual electric, programmable electric, salt, soda, pit firing, anagama.


{Digital Experience}

Website development, digital sound editing, digital video editing, digital photography, digital photography editing.


{Social Networking Experience}

Direct communication (contacting, visiting, and interviewing) with contemporary artists and art historians, industrialists, in Italy, England, France, South Korea, Japan, China, and the United States)


[Languages] English, Italian. Limited Chinese & Japanese.


[Musical Instruments] Double bass, electric bass.

Participation in six student recitals at Alfred University

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